Saturday, May 5, 2007

PRWeek Awards Video

Filmed at the annual PRWeek Awards, the following individuals provide insight into public relations:

Richard Edelman converses about PR and its rising connection with social media. He mentions what Edelman has done for Wal-Mart, and his personal blog.
Mary Stutts additionally discusses social media and the difficulties PR professionals face while trying to create positive images for their clients.
Aedhmar Hynes discusses the simplicity of successful PR and the significance of a solid foundation in the essentials of communication.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fresh New Look

In light of their 10th birthday, ABC News recently refurbished their website, providing readers with an attractive new design. Rich sapphire blue adorns the background and crisp white font fills the page. This virtual face lift to the site looks wonderful and provides a bright location to stay current with the news. Check it out at

Friday, April 27, 2007

Best Practices in PR

A multitude of advisory morsels exist in the sphere of public relations, attempting to guide aspiring professionals on their journey to success. However, which ones should be followed? Throughout the semester, I have absorbed every nugget of guidance, and engrossed myself in becoming well versed in the tenet public relations experts strive to live by. Gathering my information from a bevy of resources, here are the most precious best practice jewels on the crown of PR:

1. Harness strong communication skills: Verbal and written communication proficiency represent two crucial components to an accomplished career in PR. Relationships with other PR professionals, journalists, and the media originate with exceptional social engineering skills and communication. In order to create a relationship, and maintain it into the future, you need to hone your communication skills until they are perfect. Verbally, everyone needs to be aware of simple things such as the tone of their voice, sincerity, level of enthusiasm and confidence, breadth of knowledge on the issue at hand, and vocabulary. In regards to written communication, punctuation, grammar, spelling, style, and standard protocol all apply. The U.S. Department of Labor ( dedicates a section to public relations specialists, and states, “The ability to communicate effectively is essential.” View their website, and the others listed for additional insight on PR.

2. “You can never consumer enough Media:” These words, spoken by Ruth Fitzgibbons, a principal at The Richards Group, couldn’t be truer. Immerse yourself in a variety of communication mediums, including the Internet, television, radio, newspapers, and news magazines. Genuinely recognize the information disseminated by the media NOW, and read about stories on all topics and from all sources. Fitzgibbons said that by knowing everything going on in the world, you will better understand the culture the client needs to connect with. Additionally she stated, “In public relations, you need to do a match making with the clients message and with the media, celebrities, and cause initiatives.” For possible news websites check these out:

3. Develop a strong relationship with the media: The media represents a PR professional’s best friend. Journalists serve as gatekeepers of information, and decide whether to write a story on your client, and give you ink and air time. Hence, for the benefit and success of you and your client, make friends with the media. Show an authentic interest in their work and lives. Fitzgibbons stated, “You need to get face-to-face. People need to go to the greatest extent to get person- to-person communication. It is a lucky opportunity to be face-to-face with a journalist when you are promoting a prominent brand, and helps to cultivate relationships.”

4. Research: PR professionals need to know every intricate detail of their client’s company, the target audience, and the goals trying to be achieved. The foundation of successful PR rests within knowing everything and anything about your client and how to properly execute the promotion. Additionally, having done homework and being knowledgeable will be beneficial during interviews with the media and journalists. Know specifics about the journalist you intend to work with. Whether quantitative, or qualitative, research must be done. For research tips and information, take a look at these websites.

5. Know your competition, what’s going on around you, and what’s going on in your own organization: Because of the fast paced nature of public relations, PR professionals must “Be in the know” of everything occurring inside their organization, as well as with their competition. Familiarize yourself with current trends and techniques being used. Also, converse with colleagues in your own organization to figure out such things as what accounts they work on, tips they have, information on competitors, and any other invaluable information.

Overall, these 5 best practices encompass the fundamental concepts of successful PR. Of course others exist, however from my interviews, in class lectures and guest speakers, and research, I have come to find these are the key to achieving desired outcome in public relations.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rising Stars and the Look-Look Challenge

Entrepreneurs ooze with ambition, passion, and enthusiasm. From Internet start up companies, to crafty inventors, inspired hopefuls are taking control of their futures and dictating their destinies. To me, an entrepreneur is someone who not only creates their own company, but is instilled with devotion and drive. They have zeal in them to reach their aspirations, and courage to take risks.

Look-Look,( a company based out of Los Angeles, California specializing in the promotion and research of youth cultures, became fascinated with the sudden rise in entrepreneurial spirit and proposed an SMU challenge to our class. Look-Look requested we examine the increase in entrepreneurs in the age bracket of 19-35, and delve into the basis of their contentment, beliefs, and work ethic. What is responsible for the high numbers of entrepreneurs?

SMU, a private university located in Dallas, Texas, embodies the quintessential environment to encourage entrepreneurialism. This privileged university prides itself on high academic achievement, community involvement, and a sound alumnae network. Additionally, SMU harnesses strong social networking skills and connections, in turn opening doors for many eager students.

The Cox business school, ranked number 16 worldwide by Business Week, fosters devotion, integrity, and creative execution in its students. Signifying the foundation for many successful entrepreneurs from SMU, the Cox business school offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, and its faculty has received accolades for sharing their real-world wisdom with the students.

Most college students rarely relish in doing their laundry. Blake Mycoskie, SMU graduate, was one of these people. An invigorated entrepreneur, in 1997 Mycoskie created EZ Landry, an on-campus laundry service that caters to college scholars. Moreover, sorority girls adorned themselves in promotional t-shirts, increasing awareness and extending the company nationally. Mycoskie was directing eight trucks, 40 employees, and laundry services for seven universities. The simple idea of a laundry service blossomed into a full blown successful company, thanks to the entrepreneurial character of one student. Mycoskie accredits his savvy business skills with his classes at the Cox business school. On the Cox website, Mycoskie stated, “The Cox family is a strong and diverse one. Furthermore, everyone is very supportive and more willing to open up their network to those who ask.”
Now 25, Mycoskie recently introduced TOMS (, “the most ethical shoe” currently being produced that arose from inspiration of shoes in Argentina created out of natural fibers and in “sweat-shop free conditions.” Mycoskie has also recruited the assistance of top celebrities to help in the promotion, and hopes to donate one million shoes to children in need over the next several years.
I feel confident that SMU will breed a multitude of successful and ambitious entrepreneurs so keep you eyes peeled for hungry business hopefuls.


Blogs, blogging, and bloggers are all terms once foreign to computer users, however now understood by the average person. But what about expressions such as, “Dooced,” “Blogorific,” “Plog” or “Splog?” Blogging has inspired a novel terminology amidst the technologically savvy, placing an entirely new spin on Internet dialect. I found, “the blogosphere’s dictionary” which is essentially a website dedicated to defining blogging lingo. It has a bevy of interesting jargon and is incredibly interesting. Take a look!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

From the latest technology to juicy celebrity gossip, an astronomical number of blogs exist. People want to chronicle their observations and ideas, current events, and all that pertains to their realm of expertise. Bloggers want to share passion instilled words with others, and not only provide a window into their personalities, but create invaluable networking opportunities. So this made me wonder, what makes a great blog?

1. Have something to say: anyone can create a blog dripping with wit, eloquence and seemingly interesting material. Unfortunately many blogs have nonsensical prattle and don’t grab reader’s attention. Blog posts should be relevant, well written, interesting, and enthusiastic.

2. Be Current: People will read your blog if you post regularly. Updating frequently will generate followers because people will notice you are current and thus track your blog and postings.

3. Read and comment on other blogs: Read blogs that entertain the same ideas as your blog, and then leave genuine and thoughtful comments. This will help you learn more, create relationships, and provide a chance for you to invite people to visit your blog.

4. Proofread your posts and make sure you have shrewd editing skills.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sweet Success

The Richards Partners, the prominent and thriving PR branch at The Richards Group located in Dallas, Texas performed a case study on their Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Launch. Because this novel taste signified the first flavor launch in over 100 years and needed proper exposure, Dr. Pepper looked to The Richards Partners for assistance.

The Richards Partners coordinated a soda fountain themed launch, coupled with appearances by “Elvis,” “Marilyn Monroe,” and the University of North Texas marching band. Additionally the press received multimedia news releases and custom Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper gift baskets filled with product and promotional items. Finally, to further endorse the new product, for every Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper sampled Dr. Pepper consented to contribute $1 to the American Red Cross.

The Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper launch orchestrated by The Richards Partners symbolized a successful execution of a PR promotion that reaped tremendous benefits. Due to their dedicated efforts and creativity, post launch, sales tripled the originally anticipated figures. This proves that when an innovative strategy is applied and correctly positioned, positive results ensue. For further details visit The Richards Partners website at